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How to convert Desire into burning Desire ?

First let us understand desire.

Desire :

You may think desire means strong will for something. But actually, desire means to wait for something to happen.

To desire for something means you are waiting for luck to make things happen automatically.

Burning desire :

Burning desire means you are not waiting for luck to do something. But, you are actually working to make things happen.

If you have burning desire for something ,you believe that nothing is going to happen automatically and you also accept that you have to make active efforts to reach your ultimate goals.

In my opinion burning desire is a kind of mental state in which you no longer require will power to execute things or to work hard. In this mental state your work become effortless and progress becomes easy. Your very purpose for doing your work holds enough motivation to do hard work.

Burning desire follows purpose. Your purpose for doing anything must be very clear. When you connect your emotions with your purpose and goals it creates burning desire.

Thus burning desire = purpose + clarity + emotions towards purpose.

By Vaibhav Khatri

I am Vaibhav khatri, from a small town Dhanera Gujarat.

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