How important a communication skills is?


what’s up. Hope all well.

Today’s topic is communication skill.

There is a belief that if you want to know about importance of anything, ask to a person who is lacking of it. it’s ME.

I have both problems regarding to communication,

  1. Basic interaction.
  2. Public speaking.

Why it is really important

Communication plays a vital role in a personality of individual. Communication is a way of exchanging the thought process and ideas from one person to another, by this the knowledge is shared.

If you do not have a good communication skill you may face following problems,

  1. Difficulty in expressing yourself.
  2. Lack of confidence while interacting with anyone.
  3. You feel introvert and loneliness.
  4. People do not notice you or ignore you as you do not speak frequently.

Let me come to the importance;

Today many companies while hiring their employees, they always require that a candidate applying for, must be a good speaker and communicator. It is considered as a essential soft skills that everyone should have to share his visions and ideas.

Importance in business;

There is direct correlation between success of business and communication skill of it’s handler. A businessman needs to communicate with his customers to convince them to buy a product or service.

Reasons for not having good communication skills;

Many people have very good communication skills from their very childhood. Many do not have from childhood but it is automatically devloped by recreational activities such as interacting with new people and public speaking competitions.

Reasons for not having good communication skills are,

  1. Being introvert. (Weight – 70%)
  2. Belonging from small area or Town where may be less opportunities to speak.(weight – 5%)
  3. Your nature may be very rude while talking to others and because of that every time your conversation is very short (say 1 minute) (weight 20%)
  4. Inherited – It is from your forefathers ( weight 1%)
  5. Other reasons – (weight 4%)

You can observe that being introvert is a major reason for not having good communication skills.

If you are not good at communication no need to worry at all.

Here is solution,

How to improve communication and public speaking.

  1. Improve your vocabulary. Many applications are available in play store and app store for that purpose.
  2. Do not miss any public speaking opportunity. Try to participate in all or atleast of your interest.
  3. Practice communication with random topic. You can ask your friends to give you topic or I have one app available on play store that can help you here is a link:- Virtual Toastmaster.
  4. You can make your friend circle for group discussion.
  5. You can hear debates online on YouTube I can suggest a channel Oxford Union.
  6. You can discuss with your friends social or recent issues.
  7. Try to be some extrovert.

I am applying all this and seen a good result at communicating.

Thank you.

Jai Hind 🇮🇳🇮🇳

Law of practicing distractions.

What is law or principles ?

You may know about many different laws viz, law of gravity, law of positive electricity etc. And most famous, Law of attraction.

Similarly there is a law of practice. The law is ‘What you practice, you really become good at‘. As all laws works in both aspects, positive as well as negetive, law of practice also works in negative way. If you practice anything negative you will also become good at that negative thing.

Law of practice, with destructions.

You will be surprised If I say each time, 24/7 you are using law of practice, Yes you are practising distractions.

How ?

Each time your iPhone beebs, you are saying to your phone : Yes master, how can I serve you ?

Or whenever you gets distracted by your favourite serial or cricket match, you are actually practicing distractions. And as days are passing your ability to get distracted is also improving! Every time when you procrastinate for tomorrow, You are practising distractions.

As you become master in distractions it will become difficult and ultimately impossible to focus on your actual work.

Okey I am distracted, what I need to do Now ?

Simply you have to stop practising distractions and start replacing it by practicing concentration.

How ?

I have 2 rules

  1. Practice concentration by giving small targets to yourself, like I will study next 1 hour with no distraction and with full focus.
  2. You can have a fixed time for your distractions. Like I will use my phone only between 12 am to 1 am of next day, for 1 hour only after completing all task of day and whole day no phone, no distractions.

You can also use meditation and visualisation for better results.

Credit:- DANDPANIJI (monk) link of youtube

Thank you

Jai hind 🇮🇳

A wondering mind is an unhappy mind. (Zen belief)

From what the happiness comes ?
Is happiness comes when you have all those things that you want ? like a big house, A luxury car, and a very happy family. You may say Yes, but it is not true.
It is the biggest myth in our mind. All this things are not happiness but proper word for them is ‘pleasures’.

What is happiness and from what it emerges ?

There is a very famous quote ”happiness is a byproduct of doing right thing.” But I would rather say, happiness is a byproduct of COMPLETING a right thing, a right task. When you actually complete any task which is oriented towards your Goal(i.e Doing right thing) brings you happiness, Not those physical pleasures!

For me my biggest happiness is completing all the task of to do list earlier, and in remained time I can write post as now.

COMPLETING a task oriented towards goal.

in addition to the efforts its also requires CONCENTRATION, and sacrifices from your Short Term pleasures to complete any task which actually brings you happiness.
So, questions arises,

How to stay whole day concentrated and committed towards goal ?

I am not going to tell you any magic trick of doing so, but I have some read on the belief of Zen peoples that ‘If you are conscious about what you are doing each and every second you can gain concentration’. You have to close your mind completely and stay away from all kinds of distractions. You have to stop going into your useless thoughts and making stories in your mind (i.e Daydreaming). always remember :-

  1. A wondering mind is an and happy mind.
  2. The biggest happiness in this world is to take actions everyday towards your goal.

Ones you will complete a task, that is pending for you from a very months or years, you will feel happiness and there will be no match of it.

Let me know what is the biggest happiness for you comment it down !

Jai hind.

How I got into writing… My amusing and hopefully inspirational story…

Unlike some people who have really fascinating stories about how they first got into writing, or how some may have had a dream in which they opened an old chest and saw it written in gold thread that they had been blessed with the gift of words, I think my own story is rather a […]

How I got into writing… My amusing and hopefully inspirational story…

The Religion Hinduism (belief :- All Religions Are True).

I said in my earlier post that the post concerned # was the last post till November, but today when I completed my all tasks of my to do list, so decided to write

Hinduism The way of Life :-

Well, the first thing about Hinduism, I would never say that my religion (Hinduism) is the best or greatest religion in the world and other have some default! Because it is not in the blood of our religion to discourage or downgrade any other religion.

I proud to belong from religion which has a belief that all the religions are like rivers, which ultimately goes into the sea or ocean (God).

I can recall the speech of Swami Vivekananda at world’s parliament of religion on 11th September 1893 at Chicago,

he said “I proud to belong from a religion which has taught the world, the tolerance and universal acceptance” he added “we believe all religions as true”.

Here I have example of universal acceptance. Swami Vivekananda in that speech also said “We preserved the prospectus of Israelites, whose holly temples where sheltered into pieces by Romans”.

The people of Israel says that the only safe place to live for them after Israel is India because of the ‘universal acceptance’ belief.You should also accept all the religion as true.


There should not be debate on the name of religion. The people of all religion should come together and work for better quality of life of human beings.

We should also respect the prospectus and respect the belief and tradition of all the religions. The purpose of a God to divide the civilization in the different religion was that the diversity of religion will help the people to come together and grow together.

Thank you.

Jai Hind.

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Be a grateful, not satisfied.

Writing a very small article today on basic difference between gratefulness and satisfaction.

To be grateful never means to be satisfied with all the things you have.


To be grateful means to be thankful. Thankful for whatever you have, whatever is given to you by your parents and ultimately by GOD.

For example, You can be a grateful that you have very happy and caring family. You are more intelligent than other or you are physically more fit than other. Gratefulness doesn’t ends all your wants.

It’s just remind you that you have some good things in your life that many other are not having. Ex, you are grateful that you have two arms and legs working properly ( you are not physically disabled). You can see and here properly which many can not.


Satisfaction is the state of your mind were you have no more wants, all that you needed you have achieved. For example, you are writer and have already written more than 200 books now you want to retire it means that now you have fully satisfied with your writing.

Satisfaction with anything let you to accept those things as they are. You should never be satisfied with anything, like with increasing your knowledge by reading a books etc.

With conclusion :

You should always be a grateful, always thank to the god for whatever you have but you should not be satisfied with it and accept them as they are.

You must have hunger of achieving more and more till conclusion of your life.

Daydreaming and ‘SCREEN OFF TECHNIQUE’ a new way of achieving success.

What is Daydreaming ?

According to Harvard study, everyone spend 47% of his time in Daydreaming(living in a fantasy and imaginary world). The 47% isn’t really too much? A normal daydreaming is not bad at all, which takes around half an hour for each day. But there are many people with the habit of daydreaming for more than 2 hours and many a time 3-4 hours.Because of daydreaming we are not able to focus on our actual work, and we will again and again went to that imaginary world which gives us pleasure but wastes our too much time.

What causes daydreaming ?

A very common and chief reason for daydreaming is media that you watch like TV serials, movies, animes etc.You may have noticed that after watching any movie or show, you in your imaginations replacing yourself with the character of that movie which you have seen. You also have noticed that after watching a motivational speech on YouTube or any other platform you are imagining that you are on a a big stage and there are thousands of audience listening the same speech. Its sounds normal, but it is not in reality you are wasting your too much time in that activity (daydreaming).

What are the effect of Daydreaming?

  • Firstly, you are not able to focus on your routine work.
  • If you are student, you may find difficulty in studying due to daydreaming.
  • Excessive Daydreaming creates a gap between you and the real world.
  • Daydreaming Changes your attitude and behaviour in real world, you may get angry soon in very small issues.
  • Daydreaming impede you from achieving your goals, as it destroy your ability to think logically.
  • You get upset soon.
  • You are not able to complete the task you decided to complete.
  • The last and most important it waste your too much time.

So how to get rid of DAYDREAMING ?
There is a very famous quote “if you have a problem get the roots of that problem which causes it.”
As I already said the media is the main cause of daydreaming. You have to quit it completely. And the screen off Technique will help you in doing so.

What is screen off Technique ?
First, what is screen? Screen is something that you are seeing right now, Yes! The screen of your phone also of television laptop etc.
The screen off Technique means to avoid screen as much as possible. That is to say stop watching the movies serials and other shows which let you to get ine daydreaming. By doing so you will be able to
Stop your daydreaming. The age of 18 to 28 is considered to be a very important and will decide the whole of your future, by wasting this time in Daydreaming will impede you from being successful.
If you want to achieve something and for which you want to do to hard work you must do screen off.
How to apply screen off Technique in your daily life ?
  • Stop watching screen (TV, going to cinema etc.)
  • Stop using all social media like Instagram, face book etc.( These all are illusions :- सब मोह माया है।). reduce their usage as much as possible use them only in case of some emergencies.
  • Start reading the newspaper instead of watching news on television. (You can also have a news app in phone but don’t watch any video just read news)
  • Yoga and meditation will increase your willpower to stay away from screen.

Screen off technique will help you to achieve your goals, it will reduce your destructions which impede you from achieving your goals. You would be able to think logically and practically.
Do it for one year I can guarantee the changes that you will see in yourself will not let you to break the chain of screen off.

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Thank you,
Jai hind!

Swami Vivekananda

Swami Vivekananda who is my role model ideal or icon, was a indian monk as you may know that.

From my school days I was attracted to the works of swami Vivekananda. Swami Vivekananda had thought the importance of Yoga to our life excellency. How it’s affecting our lives.
Pictures of Swami Vivekananda

Importance of Yoga :

Yoga and meditation are both connected and interlinked.
Meditation is an experiment with our body go link it with superior body i.e god. Meditation involves the process of Activating all 7 chakras of peace.

Benefits Of Meditation :
  • Meditation helps up to say things clearly and fearlessly.
  • It improves our mental capacities like quick understanding, Better memory and many more things
  • It enables in us the super natural powers which are the beyond of our control like telepathy.
  • Meditation’s most important benefit is that it’s relaxes our mind.

Let’s come back to swami Vivekananda :
Swami Vivekananda was born on 12 the January 1863. In the small village of kalkotta. His initially name was Narennath Nath Datt,
He was very intelligent from beginning and often surprised his friends and teachers by his mental capabilities. He was honest and beliver in the social work.

Important Work Of Swami Vivekananda :
Swami Vivekananda had done many great things for India in them their social integrity trails, lower class people support etc are very considerable. His speech at world religions parliament was one of the best attractions for Swami Vivekananda.

11th September 1893:
On that day one indian created history by his speech at world religions parliament. He was called to address the parliament and done the great job. His first few words addressing i.are “sisters and brothers of America” was very attractive that the sound of clapping was continued up to 2 minutes.

Click here for his speech at world religions parliament
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